I’m a home-schooling parent, can I watch the Usborne Fact Force school events?

Yes, you can! 

The Usborne Fact Force is an elite team of Usborne non-fiction authors on mission to uncover the most interesting, heart-stopping, eye-popping facts in the world, and share them with as many children as possible – all are welcome!

If you’re a home-schooling parent or carer you can access the Fact Force events via this page on Usborne.com.
You’ll be asked to share some contact details with us there, before being sent through tothe page where you can view the event (and download the resource pack if you want to). When you’re asked for a Job Title please enter ‘Parent/Carer’.
Please note that it is a breach of copyright law to share the Usborne Fact Force events online or at a public event without the express permission of Usborne.