How can I buy Usborne books to support the Fact Force school events?

You can buy Usborne books directly from, as well as a range of other retailers, but did you know that Usborne also offers a variety of schools services designed to meet your school's needs, through a network of self-employed booksellers called Independent Usborne Partners?

From book fairs and author events, to pop-up stalls at parents' evenings and reading competitions, there are lots of different ways that your school could benefit from building a relationship with an Independent Usborne Partner. They can help you select the right Usborne books for your pupils, and even boost the value of any event sales or funds raised with up to 60% of that value in extra FREE books. Not just any books either - you get to choose the books you want for your classroom or library. Your Independent Usborne Partner will even deliver crisp, brand new copies to you at no extra charge.

Discover more about the services Independent Usborne Partners can offer to schools on here.

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