I’ve got a faulty product

Very occasionally, books are printed with pages upside down, the wrong pages, pages in a different language or even missing pages or missing components such as jigsaw pieces or stickers. If you have a faulty product, please return it to the retailer from whom you bought it in the first instance. They will replace it on our behalf.

If you bought the product direct from Usborne.com or from an Independent Usborne Organiser in the UK or Europe, please email us as follows, and we will replace it.

  • Email help@usborne.com with the subject line 'Faulty product'
  • Make sure you include your postal address for a replacement
  • Attach photos of the fault and of the batch code (see below) so that we can investigate

The batch code looks like this (the bit circled in red) and is usually found on the back cover of the book or box:


If you have concerns about the safety of your product, please see our Safety Concerns article.

If you're based in the USA, please read our FAQ article especially for you.