Why is the Usborne book I want out of stock?

This article only applies to customers in countries in the UK and Europe where we ship direct. 

We're really sorry for any frustration caused by books on this website being out of stock – we are as disappointed as you are.

Many of these books have been reprinted, but in common with other publishers and retailers, delivery to our warehouse has been delayed due to congestion at the ports, a shortage of containers, and ships that are fully booked due to the huge demand for essential pandemic supplies.

We are working hard to bring as many of these books back into stock, as soon as possible.

Please note – if a book is out of stock on Usborne.com, it's not necessarily out of stock everywhere. In the UK and Europe, you may be able to buy from a local Independent Usborne Partner - or they can help you to find alternative books. You can also try other local retailers.