Can I recycle an Usborne book?

Our passion at Usborne is producing great quality books for children, that can be enjoyed and treasured for generations.

Whether our books are shared with siblings, passed on to friends, exchanged, donated, or squirrelled away for children and grandchildren, we hope that as many as possible of our fabulous books will find their way into the hands of new, curious readers. So, when your child has outgrown their Usborne book, please think about how you can extend its life by passing it on to someone else.

We choose processes and materials that make our books durable, exploring new design and production options and trialling new technologies and materials to do this as sustainably as we can.

If you have a book that you can't pass along, such as a colouring or sticker book, it might be possible to recycle some of the elements - please check with your local authority to find out what they will accept for recycling.

We will continue to add more FAQs about recycling Usborne books when we can.